Changing the Plan

Some people thrive on organization, goal setting, planning and executing that plan. Everything is high pressure, all or nothing, no plan B. I’ve noticed this especially in the fitness world. I thought I could be that person- for a very short time. At the end of 2016, I created a plan for 2017- a dream board with a whole set of goals and strategies to achieve those goals. Then January 1, 2017 that plan instantly changed. A lot of circumstances aligned perfectly- or imperfectly if you are my dream board- to make me think that 2017 wasn’t going to be everything I thought. But it could definitely be better. I will fill you all in on the deep details as the journey progresses.

My dream board included a lot of very specific fitness and business goals that have already been abandoned for more loose goals that will make me much happier and a few financial and broad life goals that will stay in place. The biggest thing to take away is that it is ok to change the plan even if that means not having a plan at all. And by all means if you are the planner mentioned above, that’s ok too. If that’s how you succeed, go out there and crush it! But maybe later in life you will not want to have a plan anymore. Maybe later in life I will want a detailed plan.

Life is a journey (OMG! She just threw out that cliche!) But we aren’t given a blueprint or schedule at birth saying what we are supposed to be doing at 5, 12, 18, 25, 40 years old. Plans come and go. Sometimes they go horribly wrong and you laugh at yourself for thinking that plan was a good idea! Sometimes they work out and your life is that much better for that success.

So for right now my plan is not having a plan. It’s connecting to things that make me happy. Improving my health by connecting to my body back at the most basic levels. Finding my spiritual connection to the universe and nature and people around me. As I deepen these connections I will document them here which will be mostly a journal that hopefully inspires someone to deepen these connections in their own life.

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