Taylor’s Health Background

In 2001, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I was nine years old. At the time, the standard course of treatment was medication for presumably the rest of my life- immunosuppressants for sure, Crohn’s specific drugs and steroids on and off when needed.

Never did anyone discuss my diet with me, other than telling me if it upsets your stomach don’t eat it. End of story.

Now being a preteen into teenage years girl, I wasn’t so good at doing what I was supposed to do. I did not take my medication regularly and seemed to be doing fine. In 2009, at 17 years old, I had a colon resection, which included removing eight inches of my large intestine. I had no symptoms leading up to the procedure and bounced back quickly- just one of those things that Crohn’s patients have to do sometimes.

College was not particularly healthy for me. Lots of drinking, plenty of take-out and not very much gym time. I was never really “sick” to my knowledge at the time, however, armed with what I know now, I was playing a dangerous game with my health.

I graduated college in May of 2013, I was 182 pounds at 5’7″. The day after graduation I began a transformative journey.

When it came to nutrition, I followed typical bodybuilding information. Oats for breakfast, salad with a protein for lunch, and chicken, rice, and broccoli for dinner. Every day. For months. And it worked. I dropped pounds quickly and had so much more energy. I started off with P90X for my workout plan and eventually worked my way into weightlifting as well as keeping up with the program.

Also during this time I began working at an organic health food and supplement store. I learned more about food choices there than I had in my whole life. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a variety of supplement companies and to learn about using herbs, spices, and roots as well as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to improve health.

Another huge component of this job was learning about digestion-so we are probably going to talk about poop during our partnership!

A very important person came into my life at this time-through the front door of my store actually!- and encouraged me to pair my nutrition knowledge with the exercise portion of health and become a personal trainer. He knew how excited I was about my own journey and could see that I wanted to help others.

Almost 1 year to the day of my original lifestyle change, I switched to a Paleo diet to further manage my Crohn’s. An amazing woman I worked with at the time introduced me to the concept and helped me immensely with the transition. I don’t know where I would be without her.

Paleo was a fairly easy transition and I noticed some great benefits very early on. Then I became acquainted with on-the-go snacks and treats that were made with Paleo ingredients. Just because the ice cream is made from cashew milk does not magically make it not junk!

And that is where I am in my journey now. I am trying to regain balance between real Paleo foods- ya know, vegetables- and being able to indulge in the occasional treat. So my current focus is balance.

What does any of this mean to you? It means that I’ve been where you are. I’ve been unhealthy, overweight, dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and stressed. I’m not the high school athlete keeping up with the glory days doing the only thing I know how-train.

This business was born out of a surprising passion that I changed everything in my life to pursue. I’m doing this to truly help you because I believe in the method, I believe in the science, and I believe in you!

About Color Yourself Well

Color Yourself Well partners with you to investigate areas of your life that you want to improve or change. You are the expert on what will make you the happiest healthiest version of yourself that you can be, and CYW offers guidance, action plans, support, and accountability on that journey.

Each program is designed for you-and only you-with a few core concepts built into the program. These core values include: eating more real, whole foods-focusing on vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats to manage appetite and balance metabolism; increasing strength and muscle mass through various forms of resistance training to improve body composition and incorporating flexibility and mobility training all through the right modality that you will stick to and enjoy; spending plenty of time outside for multiple benefits from cardiovascular health to Vitamin D synthesis to mental clarity; listening and moving to music and feeling rhythm in your soul.

I also encourage CYW partners to color in coloring books as a meditative practice and for sheer enjoyment! And lastly, I recommend spending more time naked. Scandalous, I know! It increases body awareness and consciousness and we focus on keeping it positive to build self-confidence and acceptance of your body at all stages of fitness or health.

Again programs are completely tailored to you and your specific wants, needs, and abilities. The end goal of our relationship is to move you to a place of sustainable daily health-one tiny habit at a time!