Lifestyle Programs

Lifestyle programs are purchased based on the length of partnership- four, six, eight, 12 and 16 week programs are available. You can also purchase a 1-hour phone or video call if you just want a little bit of guidance or have a plan roughly sketched out and need some tips on follow through. Those who went through at least a four week plan with me also have the option to purchase a single follow up phone or video call as a refresher. In addition to all the tools you need to make your lifestyle changes including workout plans, shopping lists and recipes, and other tools specific to your focus, we will do a daily check in by text or email and a one phone or video call per week.  At the end of your initial program we will discuss how to move forward on your own with success or how to reconfigure and continue your plan to meet new needs and goals.

Visit our Philosophy page if you are interested in purchasing a program but aren’t sure what to expect. Or email me specific questions.


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